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We are extremely proud to present the quickest, simplest and safest cryptocurrency which is suitable for making countless payment transactions online. The popularity of payments made using digital currencies is growing day by day. Become a part of LIBRE.


Improved performance of payment transactions on a global scale. For us, it is of no relevance whether you want to pay for your business lunch or you are making substantial international payments.


Payments are lagging behind the global development. The currently used payment networks are not sufficiently effective, which results in high charges, long processing time and low acceptance rates of payment transactions.


The creation of a completely new cryptocurrency and network which address the issues of contemporary payment systems. Librecoin combines the expertise obtained from the world of banking and finances with blockchain technology.

Works on the creation of the Kryptowalut Exchange are in progress – the start is planned for the 1st phase of the third stage.

We will keep you updated on the development of works!

WARNING! LibreCoin holders will be able to trade at no extra charge!


We are very pleased to present the outline of the second stage of works on the development of the Libre network.

Decision on the commencement of STAGE II – presale/private sale is a result of a great progress made in the development of the LIBRE network.

Private sale – completed (LBC 2.5 million)

Start date: 1 October 2017
End date: after selling 2,500,000 LIBRECOIN tokens.

Initial price: 0,29 EUR – 1 LBC

Public sale – phase 1 (LBC 3 million)

Start date: on completion of the private sale.
End date: after selling 5,500,000 LIBRECOIN tokens in total.

Initial price: 0,57 EUR – 1 LBC

Public sale – phase 2 (LBC 6 million)

Start date: on completion of the 1st phase of the public sale.
End date: after selling 11,500,000 LIBRECOIN tokens in total.

Initial price: 0,68 EUR – 1 LBC

Public sale – phase 3 (LBC 8.5 million)

Start date: on completion of the 2nd phase of the public sale.
End date: after selling 20,000,000 LIBRECOIN tokens in total.

Initial price: 0,95 EUR – 1 LBC

The step which will complete PHASE II will be the listing of LIBRECOIN on a cryptocurrency exchange, which is scheduled to take place at the end of November and beginning of December.


What do you see when you imagine the world in 20 years? Streets full of self-driving vehicles, wireless-powered electrical devices, or maybe immediate payments which do not generate any additional costs? The best method of predicting the future is its creation.

The number of payment transactions made every year is enormous. Suffice to say, that almost 30% of the revenue achieved by the banking sector, whose value for 2025 is estimated at approx. 1.4 trillion dollars, will be generated in this particular area. The currently applicable solutions generate many inconveniences for people who use them. Let us consider the cost and time which is needed to make a transfer of monetary resources to a person/company located on another continent and one which is using a currency different to ours. To this we need to add the relative simplicity of forging the means of payment, such as banknotes, and the complete supervision of our operations by banking systems – this gives us an idea on the considerable number of defects characterising the banking system which is currently regarded as legitimate.

We continue to be witnesses and participants of many ongoing changes. Just like Uber in transport, Airbnb in tourism and Spotify in the music industry, now WE are transforming the payment industry with LIBRECOIN. Most projects based on blockchain technology have not been designed to make retail payments easier. Some of them are very promising, they are able to revolutionise the space for which they have been created, but on a larger scale they do not fulfil the everyday expectations of consumers as payment methods. Why? Because they have not been created with this aim in mind!

For this reason, we have put together a team of carefully selected specialists with long-standing experience in the field of payments, banking and blockchain technology. Our task was the creation of the first digital cryptocurrency, whose primary and overriding task is to facilitate the making of payment transactions to all citizens of the world.

Until the creation of Librecoin, there were no advantageous cryptocurrencies available for making payment transactions online. We are the missing piece of this puzzle. LIBRECOIN represents the next generation of digital currencies, thanks to which the payments are simple, transparent, safe, scalable and incredibly cheap. We are transforming the paradigm so that blockchain technology becomes the future of online payments. Our project is founded on a vision and the will to create an extremely fluid system for the transfer of means, which does not generate additional costs for its users. We are taking the standards which are currently applicable in the payment service industry to completely new heights.

Librecoin is opening the way to complete freedom in trading. We believe that we are the next stage in the evolution of payments – the process which has been developing for more than a decade.


What is this next stage?
What is this next stage?

Librecoin is a fully encoded cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology, which has been developed to create the most effective transaction network in the world. By introducing the element of “trust” to all interactions between users, we want to ensure the maximum level of security of the transactions concluded between these users.

How to join?
How to join?

Participation in the sale of Librecoin tokens is very straightforward. Simply apply by completing the contact form. Our representative will then contact you in order provide you with necessary information. All Librecoin tokens will be visible on an individual account, which after the completion of the work will transform into an administrative panel used to carry out transactions.

What is the protocol?
What is the protocol?

One of the reasons for the creation of Librecoin was the need to solve the problem of limited trust between a consumer and the seller. For this reason, the protocol assesses the credibility of both parties, based on their history of online activity. Sellers with impeccable transaction history are exempt from handling charges, while users with a questionable history incur higher charges.

What is the purpose of the sale?
What is the purpose of the sale?

The sale of Librecoin currency is a form of project financing which is aimed at the development of a fully decentralised payment network to enable the performance of immediate transactions between its users.


The sale of tokens run by us is a form of financing the project via crowdfunding, and the revenue generated will be used for:


The biggest emphasis is placed on the development of the network, the protocol which handles it, as well as consumer applications and tools used for the integration of users.


Some proceeds will be retained in the form of reserve funds, which will be used in accordance with the needs (legal aspects, compliance with regulations and R&D).


All types of marketing activities which aim at the development of the network, whose strategic part will be its users.


Acquisition of a global license database necessary to perform the services offered in the future, for instance the creation of portfolios, currency exchange or making of payments.


All types of services in the area of payment authorisation and improvement of their security level.


These costs include various types of operating costs incurred by the Libre team, which result from the commenced project.


Get to know our team which works round the clock for the LIBRE team to become the largest, safest, and quickest tool for making payments in the world.



financial specialist

Member of the international Blockchain Research Institute and the co-founder of the Future Investment Club. In Librecoin, he acts as the President and financial specialist.



financial advisory specialist

Graduate of Stanford University and a consultant with 15 years of experience, who advises VIP clients across the world. His work is his passion; he is able to put his message across very well, even under challenging circumstances.



specialist in currency transaction platforms

One of the pioneers among experts in currency transaction platforms. Expert in currency investments and virtual investment platforms.



specialist in content marketing and SEO

Expert in the field with 9 years of experience in the area of SEO and 14 years of experience in copywriting. Specialises in search engine optimisation and link building.



specialist in blockhead technology

World-class specialist in digital security. Designs blockhead technology solutions which are used by international corporations.



specialist in blockchain technology

Graduate of Yale University, who started his legal practice by cooperating with the largest legal companies. Specialises in professional tax advice.



specialist in cybersecurity

Programmer, web developer and blockchain technology designer. Founder of the “Anti-Hakers” company. Responsible for cybersecurity in the largest corporations in the world.



web developer

Graduate of the University of Cambridge and Columbia University. Programmer with 15 years of experience, who creates websites for some of the biggest companies on the market.


It is not possible to “mine” the native LIBRE digital currency. This results from the specific code which aims to minimise the transaction costs between the users of the LIBRE network and those who use the native Librecoin digital currency.

The protocol included in Librecoin is the most important technology offered by the decentralised mediation system based on independent network users - the mediators. Their task is the mediation of disputes for which they are paid in the native digital currency.

The first development works into the cryptocurrency, which was designed with conducting countless transactions in mind, took place in April 2015. At that time, we assumed opening our network within the space of 10 years. Now we know that this will be done much sooner, mainly due to blockchain technology’s immense popularity, as well as the considerable interest in our project. At present, we expect that the time needed will be reduced by 30%. However, with your participation, this can happen even sooner!


If you are interested in a joining our project or simply want to know more – write to us! One of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours to answer all your questions. We look forward to your participation!

The price of cryptocurrencies are very highly volatile. It is common for prices to increase or decrease by over 100% in a single day. Although this could mean potential huge profits, this also could mean potential huge losses. DO NOT INVEST ALL YOUR MONEY IN CRYPTOCURRENCIES. Only invest money which you are willing to lose. Cryptocurrency trading may not be suitable for all users of this website. Anyone looking to invest in cryptocurrencies should consult a fully qualified independent professional financial adviser.